As a member of Local 944, there are many opportunities for you to get involved. Your level of involvement can be as simple as attending our monthly meetings or getting involved in our local’s various committees. It is imperative for members to be involved at all levels to make our union strong in the workplace.

Contract Time

All of our contracts have contract cycles with various employers covering the multitude of different lines of work we perform. Most contracts last for four years. When these contracts expire, members and our leadership indicate the changes they would like to see in the next contract. During contract time, you can participate directly by attending Contact Meetings at the Local.

Year-round Opportunities

You can get involved, on a more consistent basis, in numerous ways. Our Local has various member ran committees which address the needs of our Local and its members. For example, you can also get involved at your work site by becoming a Steward, representing Local 944 as an agent in the workplace promoting Local 944, representing employees and workplace issues, and administering the union contract. They also help post and distribute union information.


Elected officials have a direct influence in the policies and contract issues in your workplace. It’s important to elect officials who support labor issues. You can vote for “labor friendly” candidates, participate in Local 944’s political action committee, or assist in Local 944’s political action efforts by volunteering your time to help the political candidates campaigns through the various events we participate in.

You are the Union

Your voice makes a difference in the union. We encourage all members to get involved because YOU ARE THE UNION. Through your involvement, you will help build a stronger union in the workplace and beyond. Contact one of Local 944’s Union Representatives to discuss ways you can get involved.