The Journeyman Leadership committee (JLC) is a direct result of the success of the Journeyman Leadership Program (JLP). As more of our members attended the JLP and were inspired to become more involved with their Local…the JLC was formed. The idea behind the JLC is to continue building upon the skills that were taught at the journeyman leadership program and to give our members a forum to discuss the challenges that occur day to day on the jobsite. Members of the JLC have the opportunity to suggest the formation of any other committees they feel would be beneficial to the local, and recommend any events, they feel, we should be involved in. These are just a few examples of the decisions that come out of our Journeyman Leadership Committee. If you would like to be involved with the JLC, the first step is getting in touch with one of the Reps at the local so that we can get you to the next Journeyman Leadership Program. If you have already attended the JLP… we look forward to seeing you at the next JLC meeting