To PROVIDE, ENCOURAGE, EDUCATE, FOSTER, AND LEAD is the mission of the local 944 mentoring committee. We are a member to member committee that provides a knowledgeable member as a point of first contact to new members looking to get familiar with their union. We encourage all new members of our local to get active within their local and to strive to be the best representative of the local they can be. The mentor committee is committed to educating members in a variety of subjects from health and welfare benefits, what they can expect from their apprenticeship, how to correctly solicit work, and everything in-between. One of the most important focuses of the mentoring committee is to further foster a greater sense of brotherhood and unity among all members past, present, and future. As mentors it is our mission to provide the strong leadership that is expected of good union members in order to elevate not only our local but our entire union to the 70 percent market share that this organization is striving for. For inquiries into becoming a member of the mentoring committee or to receive guidance from us please leave a message with the receptionists including name, phone number, member status either journeyman, apprentice, or retiree and reason for the inquiry.

Stay informed, stay active, and keep it Local!

– Fraternally yours Local 944 Mentoring committee