The PAC is a committee comprised of carpenters committed to protecting, serving and maintaining the United Brotherhood of Carpenters’ values through political involvement. We, as a committee, take on responsibilities that benefit our union and local’s best interest. These responsibilities are: educating our members on existing and upcoming issues that directly impact our union and the work we perform, attend meetings to stay informed and use the meetings as a platform to discuss any political issues and matters, attend political events to represent our union and local’s best interest and build rapport with political figures, and assemble and recruit volunteers to help in our efforts with getting information out to the masses and attending City Council meetings to acquire pertinent information and be a voice in local affairs.

Our Local is involved in political activity for a number of reasons. One is to influence labor relations legislation, which extensively regulates union-management relations and can make it more or less difficult for us to obtain the right to represent our members. That is because to a large extent, our ability to achieve our objectives depends on the type of legislation that is in place. We cannot hope to influence legislation or government policy without in some way becoming involved in the political process, whether through lobbying government on specific issues or through a formal connection with a political party.

In other words, we are taking an active role in politics because the decisions made by elected politicians affect us in our workplace, homes and in our communities. Our Local is interested in issues that affect us away from our jobs, such as health care, the environment and access to education; which why we have become more involved in the political process.